AliveCor Mobile ECG Recorder

AliveCor Mobile ECG Recorder

AliveCor Mobile ECG Recorder is a heart rhythm recorder to access cardiac screening automatically. It is FDA approved ECG technology which is used on Smartphone’s. The Mobile ECG data captured by AliveCor ECG App accesses your Heart rhythm in own mobile phone after placing your fingers on fingertab in integrated AliveCor device. AliveCor ECG mobile app users track own heart beat functions, data recorded can then used for analyzing the heart beats with real time monitoring. On emergency where doctors can not be available in less time this feature can prevent Atrial Fibrillation(AF) risk, if the ECG reports shared by the doctor through Internet and required consultation will be provided on time. Now you can share heart analysis reports or email to specialist to investigate ECG reports and guide you for to prevent Heart stroke or improve your heart healths.


    • Small and précised
    • Optimum quality
    • Advanced and accurate


      • Research and Clinics
      • Hospitality & Health Care
      • Pre/post heart surgery patients
      • Cardiac patients
      • People expecting heart problems
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