Laboratory Equipment

Lea Strength Tester

Approx Price: Rs 8,000 / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Lea Strength Tester For Checking Tensile Strength of Yarn Lea/HDPE Bag/ PP Bag / Carpets / Non-woven Fabric Digital Tensile Testing Machine – 500Kgf with S Type Load Cell Least Count - 0.05Kgf Traverse Speed - 300 mm/min. Max. Grip Separation –1000 mm Min. Grip Separation – 25 mm Power - 220 V AC 50 Hz. Drive – 1/2H.P. Geared Motor Safety Device – With Limit Switch to protect from Over Traverse With One Pair of Grips

Industrial Autoclaves

Backed by a team of expert professionals and sound manufacturing facilities, we have been able to present best in industry range of Industrial Autoclaves. The range is designed with precise de-greased & pre located outer MS sheet chamber, which is duly powder coated & painted.


Design specifications:


  • To keep the surface temperature normal & avoid heat / steam loss, these are coated with better mineral / glasswool insulation

  • With unique design of Radial locking minimum steam loss, assure accurate steam generation / sterilization can be acheived

  • S. Steel 304 grade argon welded Cylindrical inner Tank/Vessel having S. Steel tubular immersion heater for steam generation

  • Lid is made of Thick mild S.S. Lined for double protection

  • Optional: All S. Steel Thick Lined Lid/ S.S. Ring 304 grade (All outer S. S. outer Body -304 grade Steel On Customer request)

  • Fitted with Painted mild steel Ring & Radial locking duly chrome plated

  • Paddle lifting device is also provided.

  • Lid is having built in safety valve, Release Valve Pressure gauge, water level / Indicator

  • Supplied with S. Steel cylindrical basket

  • Pressure range is adjustable from 5PSI -20PSI " 3 PSI or better



  • Pressure control switch

  • Automatic low water Cut off Device/ with Alarm

  • Timer 0-60 minute

  • Digital Indicator/ Digital Timer 0-999 Min/Hrs



  • Useful for Hospital Research, Pharmaceutical, Cement & Bio-Tech Laboratory

Specifications :


SI 1.26

SI 1.26 A

SI 1.26 B

SI 1.26 C

SI 1.26 D

Interior (mm)

450 x 250

500 x 300

550 x 350

600 x 450

750 x 550

Heater "W" Wattage

2 KW

2 KW

3 KW

4 KW

5/6 KW


1 No.

1 No.

1 No.

1 No.

1 No.

Technical Parameters :

Pressure Range :

5-20PSI -3PSI

Temperature Range :

120°C approx. at 15-20 PSI approx.

Power Consumption :

220/230V AC -10% Single Phase 50Hz

Control Panel :

Temp. / Pressure Indicator, Pressure Switch

Optional :

Timer 0-60 minute

Laboratory Incubator

With the help of our experienced engineers and technicians, we are successfully manufacturing a wide range of Laboratory Incubator. These are made of superior grade raw materials to optimum performance at clients end.


  • Precisely sterilized, incubated and dried
  • Better insulation capacity
  • Polish 304 grade stainless steel is used to made the interior surface of these incubators to ensure long operational life
  • Adjustable shelves to make more space for different height
  • Superior grade of Kanthal A-1 heaters that are duly embedded or wounded on the sides for better accuracy
  • Possess full feature digital temperature controllers and microprocessor
  • Safety alarm facility

The application areas of our products are:

  • Incubation process,
  • Sterilization and storage for agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals & medical.
  • Food industries.
  • Biotechnological laboratories.
  • Educational institute and others. Our products are available in the following technical



    Temperature RangeAmbient to 70oC
    Temperature StabilityMicroprocessor Based PIDTemp.Controller
    Control PanelWith mains and load indicator switch & fanswitch,temperature controller
    Digital Setting0.1C
    Digital Resolution0.1C
    Safety FunctionTemperature over shoot high and low temperature alarm
    InteriorPolish stainless steel of 304 grade sheet
    Power Consumption220 / 230 V AC supply & 10% 50 Hz
    Duty CycleContinuous

    Analytical Balance

    We are one of the distinguished manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of Analytical Balances, which is designed and developed in strict compliance with industry defined standards. Further, the range is subjected to rigorous checks and tests to ensure delivery of fully functional and highly accurate balances at client’s destination.



    • Motorized internal calibration (Optional in SI – 124 & SI – 224)

    • ISO GLP compliance

    • Multiple weighing units

    • Standard bi-directional RS-232 interface

    • Polyfunction: % weighing, counting, fill mode, GSM etc.

    • Backlight LCD graphical display

    • Capacity tracking indication

    • Density determination kit (optional)





      Pan Dia (mm)

      SI – 34




      SI – 64




      SI – 124




      SI – 224




      Precision Engineered Autoclave

      Our Precision Engineered Autoclave is energy efficient. It comprises of double safety radial locking arrangement. Our unique featured range is globally accepted for high efficiency and performance. Prior to dispatch it at client end, the economical vertical autoclave is quality inspected for its performance by our team of quality analysts.

      Some of the salient features of our vertical autoclave include following:

      • Versatile usage
      • Ergonomic design
      • Hydraulic testing: upto 2. 5 times the working pressure
      • Calibration and protocol documentation
      • Double safety valve protection.

      Our company provides wide assortment of superior quality horizontal autoclave- cylindrical to our clients. Featured with compact designs, high efficiency, accurate measurement, the autoclave is globally accepted. Our energy efficient stainless steel constructed horizontal autoclave has versatile usage.

      Features of our horizontal autoclave:

      • Steam stock provision
      • Ergonomic design
      • Double safety radial locking arrangement
      • Double safety valve protection
      • Hydraulic testing upto 2. 5 times the working pressure
      • Calibration and protocol documentation.

      Laminar Airflow

      We offer a wide range of laminar airflow / horizontal & vertical clean bench, which are extensively used in industries like electronics, Bio tech, precision incubation, pharmacy to provide clean work environment. Our products are available with the following features:

      • Better sun mica & plywood duly varnished & painted excellent wooden & castor wheel for easy movement.
      • Silent air blower unique design of circulation for uniform air movement
      • A horizontal unit flow clean bench has an open work table featuring a reliable & easy control
      • Low noise & low vibrations motor is adopted for, the speed can be adjusted step by step
      • Thin switch on panel make a reliable & easy control
      • Work table pattern is made of s.steel sheet & durable
      • All s. steel body S. S. frame & S. S. top of 304 grade available in all the size
      • Full feature hepa filters, pre-filters comprising of non-woven micro fibre glass pleated media, pleats are separated by corrugated aluminum foil separators, HEPA filters are protect by plastic grill.


        Furthermore, digital temperature controller and sun mica top can be provided instead of steel of S.S top as per the requirement of our clients.
        Interior ft.2' x 2' x 2'3' x 2' x 2'4' x 2' x 2'6' x 2' x 2'
        No. HEPA Filters1 No.1 No.1-22
        Qty. of Fluorescent ube1/21/21-22
        No.of UV Tube1111
        Motor & Blower1 & 2 Blower1 & 2 Blower1 & 2 Blower2 & 4 Blower

        Magnetic Stirrer

        We offer Magnetic Stirrer:

        • Better low speed stirring with even small liquid volume

        • Better quality motor for higher torque at low speeds

        • Stirring accomplished by small teflon coated magnetic paddle

        • Paddle size as per magnetic stirrer cap. requirement

        • Accurate speed control & temperature control

        • S. Steel 304 grade top housing

        • Better quality Kanthal heaters all fire proof wiring connection better durability

        • Designed to reduce the fumes entrance in the unit




        • For medical, research institute, bio-tech pharmaceutical agriculture, food industries



        Specifications :

        ModelSI 1.20SI 1.20 ASI 1.20 B
        Capacity (L)1 Liter2 Liter5 Liter
        Heater Wattage "W"150W300W500W
        Dimension (Approx)160 x 200 x 160160 x 200 x 160175 x 225 x 185


        Technical Parameters :
        Control Panel :Speed Regulator, Temp. Indicator & Mains
        Housing Material :CRC/ MS sheet duly powder coated
        Optional :All S. Sheet body having S. Steel Top Magnetic Stirrer without hot plate having different dimension
        Duty Cycle :Continuous
        Power Consumption :220/230V AC supply 50Hz Single Phase

        General Purpose Timers for R and D Laboratories

        We have in our stores for our prestigious clients an extensive range of truly versatile General Purpose Timers for R and D Laboratories. Designed and manufactured in compliance with industry defined standards, these timers are widely used for determination of insolubility index for dairy milk products.


        Special features:


        • Easy lid lock, speed regulator, safety fuse

        • Elegant front panel

        • Truly versatile with a wide choice of rotor heads and adaptors

        • Optional: digital speed meter and digital timer


        Technical data:

        • Max. Speed 5000 rpm

        • Wxdxh 410 x 460x 315 mm

        Butyro Refractometer

        This instrument can be used for measuring on oils, fats and waxes giving a reading directly in terms of the oil scale, otherwise known as BUTYRO Scale. The micrometer eye piece allows an accuracy on their scale of 0.1. This allows us measuring on materials with index of refraction in the range 1.42 to 1.49 to an accuracy of 0.0002.


        • Dual scale : Sugar Percentage Scale & Butyro Scale.
        • Subdivided at 1% interval.
        • Easy Temperature Control.
        • No Coloration of the filed view.
        • Micrometer allows accuracy of 0.01% on the oil (Butyro) scale.

        Vacuum Oven

        Inside chamber made of stainless steel size inside : 22. 5 cm dia x 30 cm depth temp. Range 50°c to 130°c without vacuum pump thermostatic control. This vacuum oven without glass door will have stainless steel door and temp. Can be maintained upto 300°c. Size : 300 dia x 600 mm depth.

        Optional features:

        • Electronic digital temperature controller-cum-i indicator.
        • Pid controller having two ramp & two soak profile can be fitted in above instruments at an extra cost.

        thermostatic control/digital temp. Controller. Ltr. (approx. ) size 225mm dia x 300mm depth (9" x 12" ) (12) 3005mm dia x 300mm depth (12" x 12" ) (22) 300mm dia x 450mm depth (12" x 18" ) (32) 300mm dia x 600mm depth (12" x 24" ) (43) 375mm dia x 500mm depth (15" x 20 " ) (56) 375mm dia x 350mm depth (15" x 22" ) (60)

        Heating Mantle

        Heating Mantle

        Suitable for Laboratories, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Glass Plant etc. Particulars useful for heating inflammable liquids, Eliectric heating net is hand knitted from Glass yarn and there is no joint to maintain the strength of the yarn and stands high temperature upto 350°C. To operate on 220 /230 volts A. C. Supply. 



        • Capacity: 100ml, Rating 80 Watts
        • Capacity: 250ml, Rating 200 Watts
        • Capacity: 500 ml, Rating 200 Watts
        • Capacity: 1 Ltr., Rating 300 Watts
        • Capacity: 5 Liter, Rating: 600 Watts
        • Capacity: 10 Liter, Rating: 2x600 Watts

        Incubator Bacteriological

        Incubator Bacteriological (UNIVERSAL MEMMERT TYPE)

        Temperature range upto 90°C thermostatically controlled. Heating elements are placed in ribs on all the three sides. Double walled inner chamber made of S. Steel. Outer chamber of M. Steel duty. painted. Door has double glass windows to view samples. Built in Horizontal 'L' shaped thermometer & perforated adjustable shelves. To work on 220/230 V AC. Supplied with or without Air circulating fan.


        Size Inside Chamber (LXBXH)

        • 12” x 12” x 12” (300 x 300 x 300 mm) Trays: 2
        • 14” x 14” x 14” (350 x 350 x 350 mm) Trays: 2
        • 18” x 18” x 18” (450 x 450 x 450 mm) Trays: 2
        • 18” x 18” x 24” (450 x 450 x 600 mm) Trays: 2
        • 24” x 24” x 24” (600 x 600 x 600 mm) Trays: 2
        • 24” x 36” x 18” (600 x 900 x 450 mm) Trays: 3
        • 24” x 24” x 36” (600 x 600 x 900 mm) Trays: 3

        Industrial Polarimeter

        We offer Industrial Polarimeter. Polarimeter is a reliable instrument for accurate measurement of optical rotations, for study of polarization effects and for quick and easy discrimination between right-handed sugars such as dextrose and left handed sugar such as levulose. The instruments find use in industries as well as in colleges and universities.


        • Maximum length of tubes which this model can take is 220mm; smaller tubes of course can be used. the tubes supplied have a bubble trap.

        • Polaroid sheets used for polarizing the incident light.

        • Glass circular scale finely marked in angular degrees and also in iss degrees. The range on iss scale is from—30 o 130 o .

        • Permanent focus: once the dividing line is focused for the eye. The focus is not disturbed by inserting tubes containing solutions, regardless of the nature of solution or of the length of the tube.

        • Permanent good definition even with difficult liquids.

        • Rotating half shadow effect.

        • Provision for attaching lamp to the instrument thus keeping alignment correct at all times.

        Hot Air Oven

        We are one of the well known manufacturers and exporters of scientific equipment and medical instruments including an extensive range of Hot Air Oven, which are made by using superior quality components and advanced techniques. All these products are available at most reasonable rates in market. We ensure the customers by giving them standard quality products that are well tested and checked through various parameters to meet the customers’ specific requirements.




        • Robust body
        • Highly durable
        • Standard quality


        Abbe Refractometer

        Our organization is instrumental in manufacturing and supplying innovative and reliable range of Abbe Refractometer. Designed with utmost precision using superior grade raw material and components, these are widely used for measurement of indices of refraction of transparent liquids, solutions and solids. Further, to allow the range for measurement of index of refraction at the desired temperature, these are designed with water jacketed prism box.


        Other details:

        • Measurement range: nd 1. 3000 to 1. 7000

        • Used for measurement of dispersion and measurement of percentage of sugar in sugar solutions

        • From standard tablets the values of refractive indices can be converted in to percentage of sugar

        • For more accuracy of results designed with imported optics

        Digital Photo Colorimeter

        Digital Photo Colorimeter

        5 & 8 filters mains operated with optical density in 2 ½ digit LED display, 1 ml solution measurement.

        Digital PH Meter

        With Manual Temperature Compensation and combination pH electrode, 3½ Digit LED display. Useful for pH and Redox Potential Measurement (Table Model)

        Digital Turbidity Meter

        Digital Turbidity Meter




        • Model No. SI-33
        • 3 ½ digit LED display.
        • Range up to 1000 NTU / JTU

        Lab Water Bath

        Lab water bath.

        Infrared Moisture Balance

        Infrared Moisture Balance

        We are occupied in offering a wide range of Infrared Moisture Balance, which is made by our experts using the quality approved component that is procured from reliable sellers of market. These products are available in many stipulations that meet on market and industry demands. Apart from this, these products are examined by quality controllers in order to supply fault-free range to the customers.
        Sturdy constructionRust resistanceReliable performance

        Conditioning Chamber

        Conditioning Chamber is used to generate standard atmospheric condition (22°±2° C Temperature & 65%±5% RH) prior to perform the test to get the accurate test result. This Humidity Chamber is a simple & convenient equipment to maintain the standard atmospheric condition for conditioning the sample.. This environmental Test Chamber has double walled construction filled with glass wool insulation. The inner walls are made of special grade of 316 Stainless Steel sheet and outer walls of mild steel sheet. The chamber is fitted with two adjustable perforated shelves for keeping the Test Specimen. The chamber is cooled electrically with the help of Compressor Cooling coils placed in ribs, on the sides of the chamber; Humidity is maintained with the help of Water Shower Technology. An air-circulating Fan with heater is provided on top of the chamber for even temperature & Humidity distribution. The temperature inside the test chamber is controlled with the help of a Digital temperature indicator and controller.

         Available in. 1.Conditioning Chamber 18”X18”X18”  2.  Conditioning Chamber 18”X18”X24”3.  Conditioning Chamber 36”X36”X36” 
        Technical Specification: Conditioning Chamber 
        • Double walled structure filled with glass wool insulation.
        • Inner Chamber made of Stainless Steel and outside body is made of mild steel powder coated.
        • Fully SS models are also available.
        • Two adjustable perforated shelves for keeping the samples.
        • The chamber is heated with air circulating fan with heater.
        • The chamber is cooled electrically with the help of compressor cooling coils placed in ribs on the side of chamber.
        • Temperature controlled by Digital Temperature Indicator and Controller.
        • Humidity controlled by digital humidity controller.
        • Transparent viewing window to see the samples.
        • Light arrangement inside chamber to see the samples.
        • Push type door locking system.
        • Power 220 Volt AC 50 Hz. Single Phase
         Related Standards: ASTM D 1776 - 04

        Drop Tester

        DROP TESTER (WT=20KG) PLATEFORM 450X450              

        The drop tester is used for determination of effect of dropping on transport packages. This test helps todetermine the ability of the packages and packing material placed inside them for cushioning to provideprotection to its contents and to measure the ability of the container to withstand rough handling.
        In this test the package to be tested is placed on a frame having two swivel doors. The height of the frame isadjusted to the desired value. The doors are opened suddenly, the package is dropped on to a steel platform,and the extent of damage caused evaluated
        Technical Specification:
        • Maximum Drop Height : 2000mm• Minimum Drop Height : 700mm• Height Adjustment Interval : 75mm• Maximum Size of Test Package : 600 x 600 x 600mm• Size of Platform : 1100 x 900 mm• Maximum Weight of Test Package : 75 Kg.• Height of Machine : 2400mm
        Related Standards:
        • Part 4 : Vertical Impact Drop Test.• IS 7028 (Part 4) – 1987 : Performance Tests for Complete Filled Transport Package

        Micro Controller PH Meter

        We offer wide range of Micro Controller PH Meter for measurement of Ph and temperature, 3½ Digit LED display with PH combination electrode and temperature probe.



        0 TO 14 pH


        0.01 pH


        0.01 pH 1 digit

        Slope Adjustment

        80 % to 120 % by default 100 %.

        Temp. Compensation

        0 to 100 º C Auto with temp. probe/Manual with Keys.

        Auto Buffer Recognition

        4.00 pH, 7.00pH, 9.20 pH (AUTOMATIC)


        AUTO & MANUAL, 3 Point/2 Point (Programmable)
        2- POINT, 3- POINT

        mV (ORP)


        - 1999 mV to 1999 mV


        1 mV


        01% 1 digit



        -50.0 TO 200 ºC


        0.1 ºC


        0.1 % of range 1 digit

        Input Type

        Pt 100 probe

        Data Entry

        By Six soft touch keys with audible sound


        1000 Samples

        Real time display

        24 Hour mode with Date


        RS 232 & Parallel

        Print Format

        All Data & Date Wise (Programmable)

        Digital Output

        Serial RS 232 & Printer Centronics (Programmable)

        Error Indication

        pH error, ORP error, CAL error & T- error

        Portable PH Meter

        Portable PH Meter offered is based on latest technological support and provides working as hand-held portable PH meters. Offering economical usage support, these come with electrode condition monitoring as well as with other functional advantages like measurement store and recall, backlit, multilevel LCD display, real time clock and user-selectable calibration reminder. Available under LT-14 Portable Model, it comes with display of 3 1/2 digit LCD with pH range of 0 to 14.00 and resolution of pH 0.01. Further, the system can deliver accuracy of pH 0.01 and slope correction from 80 to 120%.



        3 1/2 digit LCD



        0 to 14.00


















        Manual 0 to 100o

        Slope Correction


        80 to 120%



        1 x 9 V Battery



        85 x 28 x 165

        Tray Dryer

        We supply Tray Dryer that is adequately designed by our designers and adroit personnel who take every care in the fabrication of a durable and highly efficient range of machines. Available in various models such as 12 trays, 24 trays, 48 trays, 96 trays, these are high in performance and low on maintenance. The significant traits of our exclusive array include the following: Models: 12 trays, 24 trays, 48 trays, and 96 trays construction.
        Robust construction.Built on formed angles of 3mm thick sheet and suitably reinforced with angles and sections.External walls are manufactured from 1.6mm thick stainless steel sheets of 304 qualities.The internal of the dryer is built of 1.6 mm thick s.s 304 quality sheets insulated with minimum 50 mm thick glass wool insulation and caddied with s,s, polished sheets.Fresh air inlet through 20 micron pp cloth filters and a adjustable air outlet flap and a door at the front.Explosion proof door is locked with the help of spring loaded ball latches with suitable pressure.To prevent leakages door lips are having neoprene rubber gasket Finishing.Designed and manufactured as per GMP standard.Aesthetic look.

        Water Bath

        Rectangular Water Bath offered is available in temperature range from ambient temperature to 1000 C and comes with advanced thermostatic control support that helps in delivering working accuracy of plus minus 0.50 C. Featuring double walled construction support with its inside made of stainless steel 304 and outside surface made of mild steel sheet, the system also comes epoxy powder coated for achieving better durability and corrosion resistance. For better performance support, the top of bath and concentric rings also comes constructed using superior grade stainless steel and provides working with power of 220/230 volts A.C. Finding suitability for boiling as well as in general purpose work, the thermostatically controlled operations and use of special grade glass wool for avoiding thermal losses also make these best available options in the market.
        • Available in temperature range from ambient temperature to 1000 C
        • Comes with advanced thermostatic control support that helps in delivering working accuracy of plus minus 0.50 C
        • Double walled construction support featuring inside made of stainless steel 304 and outside surface made of mild steel sheet
        • Outer surface also featuring painted epoxy powder coating finish for better durability and corrosion resistance
        • Top of bath and concentric rings coming constructed using superior grade stainless steel
        • Provides working with power of 220/230 volts A.C
        • System finds suitability for boiling as well as in general purpose work
        • Water bath made of long lasting single walled kettle element
        • Thermostatically controlled operations
        • Gaps between walls coming fitted with special grade glass wool so as to avoid thermal losses

        Seamless Autoclave

        Automatic Seed Counter

        This Micro-chip based Automatic Seed Counter offers precise automatic seed counting simply at the press of a button.Seed counting can be a painfully slow and laborious task not with this clever bench top instrument. Save time and labour and become more efficient and precise.
        • Simple membrane key pad operation complete
        • Fully automated operation
        • LED shows the hypothesis number and the actual number
        • Count speed can be changed
        • Measuring range: 1-99999
        • Application scope: small sample: 0.7 mm - 4 mm x 0.7-12 mm big sample: 3 mm - 10 mm x 3 mm - 12 mm
        • Time for test: More than 1000 seeds / 3 minute
        • Precision mode: Big seed sample: 2 min / 1000 seeds
        • Precision mode: Small seed sample: 4 min / 1000 seeds
        • Continuous working time: More than 5 hours
        • Small seed sample such as rice, wheat, rapeseed, vegetables, flowers and plants,  
        • Big seed sample such as corn, bean, and sunflower seed

        Rotary Film Evaporator

        Consist Of An Evaporating Flask Rotated By A Non-Sparking Induction Motor In A Heating Water Bath. Vacuum Distillation Of Solvent At High And Low Temperature Is Achieved Quickly And Efficiently By Use Of Speed Controller. It Prevents Foaming An Vacuum And Bumping Of The Liquid. Other Application Include Vacuum Drying Of Powders And Slides. Low Temperature Vacuum Distillation Of Heat Sensitive Compounds. The Introduction Tube Permits Continuous Feed Of The Liquids Into Evaporating Flask And Also Distillation Under Controlled Atmosphere. The Evaporating Flask, Pear Shaped To Give A Larger Surface Area For Evaporation, Is Clamped To A Glass Duct Which Goes Through The Drive Unit And Protrudes 120 MM. Into The Condenser. The Condenser Is Screwed Into The Drive Unit And Contains A Teflon Inlet Feed Tube At Its Upper End. Condenser Is Fitted With Standard B-19 Joint At Top And Spherical Joint S-35 At The Bottom For Receiver Flasks. Drive Unit With F. H. P. Motor, Speed Regulator, Heavy Cast Iron Stand With Steel Rod. Evaporating Flask 1 Liter (Approx.) With Standard B-29 Joint. Glass Duct All Glass Connector Cone With B-29, Connected Evaporating Flask And Protrudes in the Condenser. With Clip To Hold The Evaporating Flask With Glass Duct. Condenser Double Coil Condenser For Water Circulation, Fitted With Vacuum Connection And Standard S-35, Ball Joint For Receiving Flask With Condenser. Receiving Flask 1 Liter Capacity With Standard S 35 Ball Joint. Ball Joint Clamp To Hold The Receiving Flask With Condenser.
        High Vacuum Cock Two Way Stop-For The Feeding Tube And Vacuum Release. Water Bath Thermostat Controlled Lifting Jack. Capacity 1 Liter, 2 Liter, 3Liter. Electric Supply Work On 220/230 Volts, 50/60 Hz AC

        Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall Setup

        Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall
        Technical Description:The Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall setup consists of a heater sandwiched between two sets of slabs. Three types of slabs are provided on either sides of heater, which forms a composite structure. A small hand press frame is provided to ensure the perfect contact between the slabs.A variac is provided for varying the input to the heater. Digital Voltmeter and Digital Ammeter display the heat input. Heat produced by heater flows axially on both the sides. Temperature Sensors are embedded at the interfaces of slabs to determine the temperature gradient. The experiment can be conducted at various values of heat input and calculation can be made accordingly.Learning Objectives/Experiments:To determine total thermal resistance and thermal conductivity of composite wall.To plot temperature gradient along composite wall.Required for Operation:Electricity Supply: 1 Phase, 220 V AC, 2 Amp.Table for set-up support.Technical Specifications:Slab assembly arranged symmetrically on both sides of heater.Slab Material : Slab Size Cast Iron : 250 mm dia. & 20mm thick.Bakelite : 250 mm dia. & 15 mm thick.Press Wood : 250 mm dia. & 12 mm thick.Heater : Nichrome Wire Heater.The slab assembly with front window of glass/acrylic.The whole set-up is ingeniously designed and schematically arranged on a powder-coated rigid structure.
        Control Panel:Digital Voltmeter : 0-300 Volts.Digital Ammeter : 0-2 Amp.Variac : 0-230 V, 2Amp.Digital Temp. Indicator : 0-2000C, with multi-channel switch Temp Sensors : RTD PT-100 type.Standard make On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc.
        Scope of Delivery:1 Self Contained "Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall" Apparatus1 Instruction Manual consisting of experimental procedures, block diagram etc.

        Probe Sonicator

        Probe Sonicator
        Our company is the foremost in offering Probe Sonicator to the clients. Probe Sonicator can be used a variety of animals and plants, viruses, cells, bacteria and tissue broken, but can be used to emulsification, separation, homogenization, extraction, anti-foaming, clear, Nano materials, distributed and speed up chemical reactions. This product is widely used in biology, microbiology, physics, zoology, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, sewage treatment, nano-materials and other fields. Offered range has become the first choice of the customers due to its advance technology and superior quality.

        Corrosion resistance Excellent performance Easy to install

        Microprocessor PH Meter

        We offer supreme quality Lab PH Meter that gives an accurate reading under various circumstances. The equipment is manufactured with the best in class materials available in the market and so clients can use these meters without any concern. This product has been tried and tested and their authenticity has been ascertained many a time. 
        Features :pH , mV and Temperature measurement.Automatic or Manual temperature Compensation.3 point pH calibration.Buffers selectable from 1.68pH, 4.00pH, 4.01pH, 6.86pH, 7.00pH, 9.18pH, 9.20pH. 10.01pH and 12.45pHAutomatic buffer recognition.Bi directional RS-232 interface. Baud rate selectable from 1200,2400,4800 and 9600.Single and continuous print out of measuring parameters.Multiple Printout types. Combinations selectable from Sr. No., pH, mV, Date, time and temperature.Real Time Clock.Calibration report as per GLP requirements.Electrode Slope and mV offset display.Memory storage of 100 measurements.Data logging facility up to 500 results. Data logging interval selectable from 5S, 10S, 20S, 30S, 1M, 2M and 5M.Temperature calibration with respect to solution of known temperature.

        Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

        Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer
        Magnetic Stirrer (With Hot Plate And Heavy Duty Permanent Magnet)It has a compact stirring device utilizing magnetic field (created by a permanent magnet) which induces variable speed stirring action.
        Stirring is accomplished by means of small teflon rotor, which when placed to be stirred is capable or rotation by magnetic field applied from below the container. The unit is fitted with pilot lamp. Works on 220/230V AC.
        Cabinet Size :
        1 liter, 2 liters, 5 liters.

        Laboratory Extractors

        Offered are made available by us under different varieties including GI-4851 extractors ‘SOXHLET’, GI-4852 condensers (only for extraction apparatus) and GI-4951 complete extraction apparatus. Featuring low pressure drops, it offers superior flexibility as well as easy positioning to pollution source. Further, the extractor is developed for use in areas requiring great usage flexibility like in chemistry laboratories.

        Fume Hood

        FUME HOOD: Are available with variety of lining and work surface like PP, PPGL, FRP,SS (316), PVC, HDPE, Ceramic tiles etc. * Have 5.5 mm toughened glass sash suspended on safe device. It is provided with counter balance load for easy up and down movement. *Are aerodynamically designed which provides most efficient airflow to the suction. * Are double wall construction which provides easy maintenance, access to service like Water gas, electricity etc. * Are Provided with support base having provision for air vent connection to evacuate tapped chemical vapor inside. Are provided with switch for easy starting of the centrifugal fan. High quality HDPE/FRP/PPGL/PP/PVC pipes & accessories are used for FC ducting . * We are using centrifugal PP/FRP. Blowers for Exhaust system of FC, 3 phase motor (capacity according to need) is coupled with blower.
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