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Colour Matching Cabinet


Highly functioning and optimum performance based Colour Matching CabinetsSystem made available with Rocker Switch Control for better control over involved operationsUsed for colour matching under different light sourcesFinding suitability for all industry sectors where colour matching is critical part of quality controlSystem featuring German make Hour Meter for recording cumulative usageSystem coming supplied with 45° Angle Viewing Stand, Dust Cover and Calibration/Conformance Certificate



D - 65Artificial daylight 
TFL LightTungsten Filament 
TL - 84 LightPoint of Sale
UVB LightUltra Violet -
CWF LightCool white florescent - 

Cross Hatch Cutter

This instrument is widely used to evaluate the adhesion of various coatings .A high precise machined wheel presenting 6 or 11 cutting blades with various spacing is mounted in a handle. The test is carried out by performing 2 series of crossed cuts at right angle. The obtained lattices is either brushed or cleared with adhesion tape. According to the coatings thickness and the related spacing, the results can be classified with reference to a standard scale. It has long life tool with 6 cutting edges and comfortable wood handle. When applied to multi-coat system, assessment of the resistance to separation of individual layers of the coating from each other may be made. The Cross Hatch Cutters conform with the requirements ofBS 3900 E6BS/EN ISO 2409ASTM D 3359 D 3302
Main Technical Parameters:
Six working side blades : When the blade edge is not sharp enough, users can loosen the boat type nut and top thrust screw to rotate it to achieve a new blade.Multi-cutting blades spacing : 1mm / 2mm / 3mmThe number of square : 25 squares/100 square

Wet Abrasion Tester

Confirms To ASTM D-3450, 2486, 4213, 4828; DIN-53778; BS7719, 3900 F-17; ISO11998; IS:5411, 428

  • 4 digit programmable pre-set counter with LED display.
  • 2 Scrubbing heads and tracks allow carrying out of Simultaneous Comparative tests.
  • Provided 3mm Glass plate on a Stainless Steel top tray make a noncorrosive test surface.
  • Adjustable Flow rate of test solution by a manually Controlled Dripper.

Models :
  • WST-B- Basic Instrument with manual solution discharge arrangement.
  • Standard Accessories: 2 nos. Brushes, Carriage Assembly, 02 Nos. 500ml plastic bottle with stand

Hand Operated Scratch Tester

(Sheen Type as per BS 3900  Part E-2. IS 101 - 1964).
This is a suitable apparatus for carrying out test relating resistance to scratching under a specified load of a dried film of the pain and is used in testing paints, varnish, lacquer and related Products. This is most Suitable for research work or for larger laboratory and industries where repetitive quality control test are carried out. 
Hand Operated Model 
The  Hand Operated Model is suitable for general laboratory test and with cared consistent result can be obtained. The apparatus consists of horizontal sliding panel to which the test panel is clamped and weight loaded in the needle arm. The scratching needle have a hardened steel hemispherical point of 1 mm diameter. 
Hand Operated Scratch Tester (Sheen Type).
A). 1 1/2 Kg Load.
b). 1.5 Kg. Load.

Automatic Scratch Hardness Tester

Approx Price: Rs 15,000 / Piece 
The automatic scratch hardness tester is highly recommended for the paint and plating industry and has been designed for repetitive use in industries and laboratories, where quality control tests need to be conducted. The scratch test is carried out either on a go/no go basis by testing at a single specified load on the needle or by increasing the load to determine the minimum load at which the coating can be penetrated. It is a durable and highly reliable instrument. The automatic scratch hardness tester strictly conforms to BS 3900, IS 101 ISO 1518, ASTM D5178, and ASTM D2197 specification standards and comes complete with instruction manual & conformance certificate. Scratch hardness motorized tester operates on power supply of 230V AC supplied along with standard loads of 250, 500, 1000, 3,000 gm weights.

Tubular Impact Tester

Approx Price: Rs 14,000 / Piece 
Tubular Impact Tester

This instrument allows both the failure point to be measured. It can be used with paints, Varnishes, plastic coating, laminations and sheet material.
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