Plastic Testing Instruments

Melt Flow Index Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 52,000 / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Melt Flow Index Apparatus determines the flow of a given molten mass of a plastic sample. It is one of the important quality assurance parameters in inwards testing. The extrudates are cut off at a uniform time interval to ensure accuracy that complies with international standards. It determines the distance the piston containing the sample travels in a given unit of time.
  • Compliance to international standards
  • Bulk measurement
  • Automated process

Related Standard: 
  • IS2267-1972 specification for polystyrene molding materials
  • ASTM D 1238 – 1982 Standard

Smoke Density Tester

Smoke Density Tester is constructed using 14 gauge aluminum box, which is hinged a heat resistant glass glazed door. This box is mounted on the base which houses the controls. Dependent upon the materials tested, the metal may require protection from corrosion. From the same rod similar bezel is located below and it is support a square of asbestos paper which catches any particles that may drip from the specimen during the test.

Technical specifications:


  • ASTM D: 2843
  • The chamber is sealed except for 25 by 30 mm (1 by 9 in.) openings on the four sides of the bottom of the chamber.
  • A liters/min specified capacity blower is mounted on one side of the chamber.
  • The inlet duct to the bowler is equipped with a close fitting damper.
  • The outlet of the bowler will be connected through a duct to the laboratory exhaust system.
  • The two sides adjacent to the door are fitted with 70 mm (2/3in) diameter smoke tight glazed areas entered 480 mm (19/4 in.) above the base.
  • At these locations and out side the chamber, boxes containing the optical equipment and additional controls are attached.
  • A removable white plastic plate is attached to the back of the chamber.
  • There is a clear area centered above the bottom of the chamber.
  • Through which is seen an illuminated white on red exit sign.
  • The white back ground permits observations of the flame, smoke, and burning characteristics of the materials.
  • The viewing of the exit sign helps to correlate visibility and measured values.
  • The specimen holder is supported on a square gauge.
  • Stainless steel wire cloth above the base and equidistant from all sides of the chamber.
  • This screen is lying in a stainless steel bezel supported by a rod through the right side of the chamber.

Traverse Thread Counter

Traverse Thread Counter is used for counting picks and ends in fabric. Fabricated using high grade material ad components, Traverse Thread Counter provide accurate reading. Suitable for all kinds of fabrics, the Traverse Thread Counter features digital re-settable counter meter. 

Technical Specifications :Length of traverse of microscope : 150mmGauge length : 10mm, 20mm, 50mm and 1/2 inch, 1 inchDigital Re-settable counter meterBackground Light for easy visualizationBackground Light Intensity can be changed by regulator
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