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Royal Twist Tester

We feel immensely pleased to offer an exclusive gamut of Royal Twist Tester. Our offered tester is designed by utilizing best quality basic material and highly developed technology by our vendors' expert professionals. In order to make certain quality, this tester is scrupulously tested on different parameters. In tune with industry standard, we provide the entire range in various specifications, as per the ever-evolving need of our clients.
Fine finish Sturdiness Impeccable performance Inner Printer Installed Easy to Set Testing Procedures Accurate Determination of Properties Robust & Stable Body
Royal twist tester for yarns measures the TPI and TPM of single and multiple plied yarns. Different models are available. The system consists of a set of clamps, one of which rotating and the other fixed. The rotating clamp is driven by hand through a speed increasing arrangement (by motor in motor operated model) and a five digit reset able revolution counter (digital counter in motor operated) to count the number of twists. The fixed clamp is pivoted on jewel bearings and carries of a pendulum arm having a sliding weight to give the desired tension to the yarn. The fixed clamp assembly can be moved over a guide bar for setting the required test length of yarn which is indicated on a strip scale fixed to base against a pointer attached to the moving assembly. A viewing plate and a magnifying glass are provided for accurate determination of the end point. A dissecting needle for ascertaining complete removal of twist is supplied as standard accessory with the equipment. The various components are fixed on a rigid base strength and durability. All parts of the instruments are either painted or bright chrome plated to give a corrosion resistant finish and highly aesthetic appearance.
Yarn Test Length 50 mm to 500 mm AdjustableCapable for Single and Double YarnS / Z Switch for Selection of Twist TypeNormal / Reverse Switch for selection of Normal Untwist of Reverse operation in witch Twist imparted in other directionReset Switch for Counter ResetInverter Drive Motor (Variable Speed)Speed Control By RegulatorTPM Range: Up to 9999 TPM ( Direct TPM on Display)TPI Range: Up to 250 TPIResolution: One Count for TPM / 0.25 Count for TPI

Gradient Thermal Cycler

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is widely used in Molecular biology. As PCR progresses, the DNA thus generated is itself used as as template for replication. With PCR it is possible to amplify a single or few copies of a specific DNA fragment across several orders of magnitude, generating millions copies of the DNA fragments.
  • Advanced technologies, WINDOWS operating system.
  • Automatic restart after power failure.
  • Each thermal block has 4 independent temperature control sensors and 8 peltier heating units to ensure accurate and uniform temperature across block surface, and provide users with replicating previous condition set-up.
  • 8" TFT color touch-screen with graphical display provides easy use for setting up and monitoring set parameter.
  • The actual and target temperatures can be viewed and displayed graphically in real time.
  • Built-in 11 standard program file template, can quickly edit the required files.
  • Internal flash memory for 10000 typical PCR files in free configurable folders.
  • Compatible with mouse, keyboard, capable to transfer data and perform software updates via USB Drive.
  • Applicable with the following 0.2m1 tube models: non-skirted, semi and fully skirted plated.
  • Replaceable module, dual-block module can simultaneously run two different PCR programs. n Replaceable module, dual-block module can simultaneously run two different PCR programs

Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

The UTM -digital provide a relatively inexpensive way for determining the Tensile,compression,shear strength and elongation of variety of raw materials such as metals,rubber, leather , fabric, plastics, Belts , wires etcetera. They are based on constant rate of traverse principle in which one end of the test specimen is held in a stationary grip, while the other end is made to move at a known fixed speed. The load exerted on the stationary grip indicated by a digital load indicator. The controller is microproccer based and has the facility of over load protection, peak hold and auto calibration. The load directly indicated in kilograms or Newton OR KN.

The elongation of the test specimen is measured on a linear scale (or digital indicator according to the model) fixed on the frame of the tester, which indicates the distance between the grips.
The frame of the tester fabricated from mild steel to give the required rigidity and strength. Various built in safety arrangements such as over travel protection, Are provided.

The tester is finished in metallic painting/powder coated and bright chrome/ zinc plating to give the apparatus a corrosion resistant finish. It is supplied complied with electrical,which include micro-, switches. Push buttons, and contactors for safe and convenient operation.

A variety of grips suitable for holding different materials are offered as optional accessories. Other accessories such as slab moulding dies, specimen cutting dies, and specimen cutting presses are also offered as optional accessories.

Water Vapour Permeability Tester

The Water Vapour Permeability Tester made of twelve brass bottles. It measures water vapour permeability of leather. The bottles have nut of circular opening. The bottles are mounted on the bottles holders which rotate at specified revolution per minute with the help of motor pulley & belts. 
The axis of the bottles is parallel to the axle of the bottles holders. A fan mounted in front of the mouths of the bottles and consisting of three blades in planes that is inclined at 120º to one another. The planes of the blades pass through the prolongation of the axle of the wheel.
A pre set digital timer is mounted for setting total no. Of hours of instrument movement. All the components are chrome/ zinc plating & painting for corrosion resistance long life. 
Is: 5914- 1970: methods of physical testing of leather, lp : 21 – water vapour permeability:IUP/ 25: official method of international union of leather chemists societies 1961

Filter Press

We are offering Filter Press that are very popular throughout the country and abroad in view of its quality and workmanship coupled with our long standing experience. These filter presses are used in oil mills and also in the chemical industry. We manufacture quality cast iron filter presses and are available with racket type tightening. Some of the salient features are:Raised rim around the edges of plate so as to form a chamber between 2 plates.High rate of filtration.Powerful pump and accurate assembly.Leakproof joints to withstand operating pressure.High grade C.I.

Finish Film Adhesion Tester

Features:-• Used for determination of finish film adhesion• Consists of an arrangement to hold the test specimen with the mounting strip on a suitable frame, a hanger with disc shaped dead weights to apply the separating force on the film and leather bond, and a hinged platform on which the pan can rest with an arrangement to lower it• Designed to meet standard test method to evaluate Adhesion of Finishes – Dead weight Method.

Single Yarn Breaking Tester

With an increased proportion of technology, we are offering a qualitative assortment of Single Yarn Breaking Tester. Backed by a team of experts, this tester is designed using best quality components and latest technology at vendors' end. Our offered tester is precision-designed, in order to meet the industry norms. Furthermore, it is availed in different configurations, as per the varied requirements of our valuable clients. Our range is sternly tested on different parameters to assure it on counts of quality.
Easy to operate, quality assured with technical support User friendly digital display Less maintenance & better efficiency
Single Yarn Breaking Tester is used to determine the breaking load and extension of single yarns and threads. It is widely used in dyeing textile industry. Our team of quality controllers, tests the entire range on various parameters to ensure high quality and accuracy. The equipment is available in different capacities of 5 kgf, 10 kgf, 20 kgf.
Single Yarn Breaking Tester is used for testing tensile strength and elongation of the yarn in single strand. The strength is determined in such a manner that the test sample is gripped by two yarn holders, vertically arranged one below the other and continuously tensile stressed until it breaks. Elongation is also determined at the same time I.E. Extension of the sample held between the grips during the tensile test.
It is a motorized unit with microprocessor based digital load display Entire unit comes with over travel protection facility
ASTM D2256BS 1932
Supplied complete with the following accessories:
Dust cover User or Instruction Manual Calibration or Conformance Certificate Single Yarn Breaking Tester is used for determining the Tensile Strength and Elongation of Cotton, Wool, Jute and other textile materials

Single Yarn Twist Tester

A specially designed Single Yarn Twist Tester is highly beneficial in checking twists in a Single Yarn. The strength of a yarn and other properties of the fabric depend to a great extent on the amount of twist given to it. Thus, accurate determination of this factor is of prime importance in assessing the quality of any yarn. The amount of twist given to a yarn is usually determined by untwisting a known length of yarn and finding the number of rotations of one of its ends relative to the other, which remove the twists completely. The important feature is that it undergoes inspection and conformance certifications. It is useful in testing the effectiveness of drilling and shaping machines.
High accuracy Safe operationLong service life Easy maintenance
Yarn has sufficient tensile strength to withstand the stresses of preparation and fabric manufacture. The main function of twist is to give coherence to the yarn i.e. twist provide strength to the yarn. The cohesion arises mainly from the twist, which presses the thread together, as the stretching forces are applied & thus, developing friction between adjacent thread. The equipment used for determination of twists of a yarn is known as a Twist Tester.
The complete unit has a pre settable 5 Digit Counter to register the number of twists in a Single YarnDead Weights: 10 gms & 20 gms – 2 Nos.All parts of the instruments are bright chrome plated to give a corrosion resistant finish.
ASTM D – 1422 and 1423ISO 2061BS 2085DIN 53832
To get fineness of yarnTo increase strength of yarnTo get proper softness of yarnTo get twisted yarn
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